Extensions & Garages

If you would prefer to extend your own house rather than the hassle of moving then we can help. We have been building extensions for many years, either single or two storey. Due to our contacts in the construction industry we can handle everything for you whether this be plumbing, electrical, TV and satellite. With our extensive experience we can also help you with any planning applications that may be required in order for building works to commence.

Also we have extensive experience of constructing both single and double garages. We can also fit both manual and automatic doors whichever you prefer.

Replacement Doors and Windows

We can source and fit almost any wood, aluminum and UPVC door and windows to fit your needs, regardless of color or style. If preferred we can also fit windows with new "Self Cleaning" glass to help make household maintenance that little bit easier.

We have fit every type of door imaginable from internal doors, to front doors in both wood, aluminum, and UPVC. Recently demand has increased for large sliding doors (upto 7 frames wide) we can fit these too.


We have been responsible for erecting hundreds of conservatories of all manor of design, small to large, square to octagon shaped! The standard in modern times is to generally go with UPVC and also orangeries, although some customers still prefer the look and feel of wooden framed conservatories. Don't worry we can do these too!

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

We can help you choose kitchens that we think may suit your home and also recommend several quality manufacturers that we have used previously in order for you to find your perfect kitchen. Once found we can then fit this to your exact specification. We can also do all desired flooring and under floor heating.

For bathrooms similarly we can suggest many reputable manufacturers and then once selected fit the bathroom to your exact specifications.


All roofing projects undertaken, whether it be replacing felt, batten and roof tiles, or fascia, soffits and gutters. We have built and re-tiled many roofs in all shapes and sizes, each to customer satisfaction.

Perimeter Walls

If you would like that something extra in your garden to separate your lawn from your patio etc then why not have a nice new wall? Also if your perimeter walls need replacing or repairing we can do that for you too.